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Meet Lee Madgwick, An Artist Who Paints Dreams


Lee Madgwick is a UK-based artist whose paintings are a window into a dreamlike atmosphere that takes us on an ethereal journey to a forgotten place. His works are infused with a potent realism that draws us in and holds us spellbound. Madgwick’s paintings depict houses and other large structures that are situated in secluded rural areas and seem to be out of place from their surroundings.

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In each of Madgwick’s post-apocalyptic scenarios, he captures the essence of time passed and the things we leave behind. The architecturally precise details that make up his works contribute to the feeling of being in a strange, yet mysterious, new world. The seemingly abandoned structures that he portrays in his paintings are a testament to the passing of time and the decay of once-thriving communities.


Madgwick has the ability to engage our imagination by depicting forgotten places that are still alive with memories, despite the air of ethereal emptiness that emanates from them. His paintings transport us to a place where time seems to stand still, and the past and the present merge together in a hauntingly beautiful way.


Madgwick’s works are truly captivating, and his ability to create an atmosphere of mystery and nostalgia is nothing short of extraordinary. His paintings are a reminder that there is beauty to be found in the forgotten places that surround us, and that the memories we leave behind can be as powerful as the structures themselves.


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