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This Portuguese Artist Creates 3D Paintings That Look Real Enough To Touch


Portuguese street artist Odeith creates 3D anamorphic works of art that are unbelievably lifelike. He has a magical ability to make spray paint come alive and leap off the walls.


Odeith left school at the young age of 15 and never received any art lessons growing up. Despite this, his natural talent in anamorphic art and perspective earned him several international accolades back in 2005. He utilizes inner corners of adjacent walls, spray paints the floor below his “hanging” paintings, and incorporates ambient lighting to make his artwork “float” and appear truly three-dimensional.


Of course, it would not come as a surprise that a person with such immense talent would have other tools under his belt: Odeith used to own and manage a tattoo studio and also sells canvas paintings on the side.


‘Conventional‘ 3D painting ‘bores‘ him. “I was kind of tired of the conventional regular 3D letters so I was always searching for something original.”


He attributes his success to constant self-improvement. “I got my first leg from one letter coming out of the wall. Since then, I’ve always been trying to reach a new level.”


He considers his portfolio of works as testament to how much he’s grown as an artist. “If you see the first ones you can see that was something was growing up as the years passed.”


It may be cliche, but the adage ‘practice, practice, practice!‘ does ring true. “It takes a lot of time to reach a higher level of perfection. Spray paint to a lot of artists may be a big headache, to know how to get the quality you desire.”


His advice to fellow artists and fellow mavericks: “Never quit your dreams if you’re a dreamer. And sometimes, it may take a few years to earn credibility.”


Odeith and other artists who push the envelope are reminders of how exciting the evolution of Art has been; these extraordinary minds keep pushing the boundaries and make us all wait in anticipation of what they will come up with next.


Via Pultastic, Bored Panda, io9

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