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The Miniature Magic of Anthony Ryan Schmidt: How a Teenager’s Passion for Toy Cars Became a Phenomenon


If you’re scrolling through social media and happen to come across a photo of a stunning vintage car on a street corner, think again. You might just be looking at the work of Anthony Ryan Schmidt – a talented teenager from Seattle who has made a name for himself in the world of photography with his toy car creations.

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At just fifteen years old, Anthony has gained widespread recognition for his amazing work. Using nothing but his iPhone and an extensive collection of toy cars, he creates mesmerizing photographs that showcase his incredible eye for detail and creativity.


Anthony’s artistry doesn’t just involve photographing toy cars; he puts a lot of thought into selecting the perfect location and background to make the scene appear as realistic as possible. And it works – many of his followers struggle to distinguish his toy cars from the real thing.


Despite his young age, Anthony is no newcomer to the world of photography. He started taking pictures of cars when he was only six years old and has since honed his craft to become an accomplished artist. In fact, he has already released two coffee table books showcasing his work, with the first one capturing his artistry from the age of six to twelve.


Anthony’s talent has gained him a loyal following on social media, with over 134K followers on Instagram and a Facebook community with 137.6K members. He also sells his creations in various forms, such as photo calendars, postcards, T-shirts, and greeting cards on his website.


With over three thousand models of 1:24 and 1:18 scale in his collection, Anthony spends hours in his studio, painting, rebuilding, and perfecting his miniature cars to make them look as realistic as possible. His work has even earned him the opportunity to collaborate with major car manufacturers and participate in car shows.


Despite his growing success, Anthony remains humble and dedicated to his craft. He continuously strives to create unique and captivating scenes that capture his followers’ imagination. So next time you see a stunning photo of a vintage car on social media, take a closer look – it might just be the work of Anthony Ryan Schmidt.


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