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Lifeguards Race to Sharpen their Lifesaving Skills

Lifeguards from the South Florida area gathered at the Juno Beach Pier on Tuesday to participate in a competition sponsored by the United States Lifesaving Association. In choppy waters they raced about two miles on their long boards around the pier and then ran 100 yards carrying their boards.

Photos by Taylor Jones/The Palm Beach Post.

Jen Noonan of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue rides a wave toward the halfway point flag set up on the beach.

Competitors line up to listen to instructions before the race.

Competitors wait for the race to begin. Julia Leo of Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue, who had gone in the water to loosen up, shivers as she tries to keep warm.

George Klein of Lantana sports a tattoo.

A seagull observes goings-on from the beach.

Lindsay Kenney of Delray Beach Ocean Rescue walks with other competitors toward the starting line.

Competitors paddle out as the race begins.

A flag blows in the brisk wind. The flag marked where competitors had to leave the water, carry their boards around the flag and then go back in the water.

Roman Strohmenger of Deerfield Beach Ocean Rescue jumps onto his board after running around the flag on the beach that represented the midway point of race. Strohmenger finished first in the 10-foot-six inch board division.

Jose Morales of Deerfield Beach Ocean Rescue paddles toward the beach to complete the first leg of the race. Morales finished first in the 12-foot board division.

Jen Noonan of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue grabs her board to run to the half-way point flag on the beach.

As race coordinator Rob Rogerson watches at right, David Thorne, who recently retired from Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue, uses binoculars to follow the competition.

A crowd gathers to watch the competition.

George Klein of Lantana paddles his way toward the midway point.

Shaun Sullivan of Deerfield Beach Ocean Rescue rushes out of the water towards the finish line.

Mike Lovell of Lantana races to the finish, finishing second in the 12-foot board division.

Konnor Katzmark of Pompano Beach Ocean Rescue rests after finishing the race.

Shaun Sullivan of Deerfield Beach Ocean Rescue grabs his finishing stick at the finish line.

George Klein of Lantana gets a high five after his finish.

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