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The Timeless Beauty of the Talbot-Lago T150 CSS Series by Figoni


In 1935, Talbot-Lago emerged as a company following the dissolution of Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq. Its founder, Anthony Lago, aimed to manufacture a collection of high-end and extravagant sports cars. Initially, these cars used six-cylinder engines, but later models incorporated eight-cylinder engines and occasionally more affordable options to boost sales.



The T150-C debuted in 1936, and Lago succeeded in persuading the celebrated driver Rene Dreyfus to leave Ferrari and join the Talbot-Lago racing team at the French Grand Prix in Montlhery.


The Talbots were distinctive for their metallic paint and dual-tone finishes, which was the influence of Figoni. Chrome embellishments adorned the edges of many of his vehicles.


Figoni designed fourteen Talbot-Lago T150 CSS Series models between 1937 and 1939, many of which still exist today, a testament to the elegance and artistry of these automobiles.


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