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Beautiful Kodachrome Slides of West Germany Taken By a Nurse During Her Tour of Duty in the Early 1950s

Amongst the ruins, Bavaria.

These slides appear to have been taken by a US Army nurse who seems to have been attached to the 97th General Army Hospital at Frankfurt, (West) Germany in 1952 and 1953. During her tour of duty she was able, like most US service personnel, to travel in her free time to various places in Europe and Algeria (and possibly other countries in North Africa).

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Frankfurt Railway Station, Frankfurt.

Traveling around Bavaria, in a 1951 Chevrolet.

Luther’s Tree, corner of Alzeyer Strasse and Lutherbaumstraße, Worms.

Commercial Building, Hauptwache, Frankfurt Am Main.

On Mount Wendelstein.

Siebers Tower, Rothenberg.

Kaiserplatz, Frankfurt Am Main.

Chimney Sweep, outside 97th General Hospital, Frankfurt.

People watching the mechanical clock strike the hour, Market Square, Rothenburg.

Ratstrinkstube Clock Tower, Rothenburg.

Bierkeller at Palmengarten, Neues Pflanzenhaus, Frankfurt.

St Kilian’s Festival, outside the Röntgen High School, Wurzburg.

St Kilian’s Festival, outside the Röntgen High School, Wurzburg.

St Kilian’s Festival, outside the Röntgen High School, Wurzburg.

Two men in Lederhosen.

Weißer Turm (The White Tower), Galgengasse, Rothenburg.

In the tunnel or covered street under the Rathause, Rothenburg.

West Germany.

Frankonia Fountain in the Forecourt of Residence Wurzburg, Wurzburg.

Storks on Church Tower, St. Jakobus, Muhr am See.

View from the Aussichtspunkt Viewpoint of Rothenberg.

Several Women and a Man in traditional costumes, Spring or Folk Festival, Wurzburg.

Skiing in Bavaria.

Wendelstein Church on Wendelstein Mountain, Bavarian Alps.

61st Division US Army Band, Bremerhaven.

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