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SLAS Architects’ Innovative Design for a Public Space That Combines Leisure, Play, and Fitness


What can you do with a concrete platform? A lot, if you ask SLAS architects, the Polish firm that designed a stunning public space under the name “Activity Zone in Chorzów”.

This project is part of the regeneration and integration of the University of Silesia campus into the urban fabric of the Polish city of Chorzów, in Upper Silesia.

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The Activity Zone in Chorzów is not just a concrete platform, but a perforated one that allows natural light and ventilation to reach the spaces below. It also creates a visual connection between the different levels and functions of the project. The platform hosts a variety of activities and facilities for students and the community, such as a leisure area, play devices, a gymnasium, street furniture, and vegetation.


The design of the project is not only functional, but also aesthetic and sensory. The concrete platform is contrasted with colorful elements that add interest and dynamism to the space. The textures and scents of the planted garden also enrich the experience of the users. The project respects the existing trees on site and incorporates them into the design.


The Activity Zone in Chorzów is a remarkable example of how SLAS architects used a simple material like concrete to create a complex and multifaceted public space. The project shows how architecture can enhance the quality of life and social interaction of students and the community. It also demonstrates how creativity can transform a concrete platform into a vibrant and diverse space.


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