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A Giant Abandoned Stawberry Is Becoming More And More Popular Among Urban Explorers In Poland

Have you ever seen “James and the Giant Peach”? Ok, so now it’s the time for a Polish version – Alex and the Giant Strawberry. Traveling from Modlin to Warsaw you can find this amazing object. The strawberry lies next road and it’s easy to find. Actually, it’s hard not to see the strawberry, because it’s giant. Probably you have a lot of questions now.

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The fruit was the symbol of a huge farm called Sadpol. The Sadpol’s owner had a 700-hectares field and he grew there strawberries, of course. That was big business. He sold thousands of kilograms of strawberries each year. His clients came not only from Poland but also from other European countries. It may have been the most powerful strawberry business. Unfortunately, the farm’s owner lost his employees.

They quit their jobs and they didn’t want to return. What happened? We don’t know. We cannot judge him as an employer. Maybe people choose social security benefits instead of honest work. The farm had to be closed and only the giant strawberry was left there. It reminds people about the glory days of Sadpol.

Nowadays, the strawberry is abandoned so it’s a nice goal for urban explorers. It’s not a building but it’s special in its own way. Traveling there you can have interesting urbex photos. In the summertime, you can take colorful photos. If you prefer to have gloomy photos of the abandoned strawberry, you can visit this place in winter.

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