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The Designer Showed a Fictonal Branded LEGO Set with An Ordinary St. Petersburg House


The set contains funny situations, various passages and everyday moments familiar to the inhabitants of the big cities of our vast country. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy such a set – so far it is only a concept.

Artist Artem Bizyaev aka OLEG LEGOV, a man behind the set, from the Russian city of St. Petersburg. He is known for creating non-existent concepts of LEGO sets.

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The artist explains that he likes to fantasize and create something unique. That’s why, as Bizyaev explained, he doesn’t like the previously released Lego sets with combined worlds from different works or movies, he creates them himself, albeit non-existent sets:

“It’s as if Lego has already been played for me. And I myself, tired of my basic sets about pirates and about space, want to mix them, get space pirates and be happy that the youngster me invented so clever!”

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