Unicorn Being A Jerk

Mystical, gentle, magical . . . as if. You’ve obviously neverseen a unicorn in his natural habitat—those guys are jerks. CartoonistC. W. Moss reveals the less-than-wonderful side of the world’s most wondrouscreature in his hilarious series of single panel comics, UnicornBeing A Jerk.

Take a gander at what these fantastical creaturesare really like, in comics like “Unicorn Being a Stalker,” “UnicornTrying to Peek at Breast-feeding Woman’s Nipple,” “Unicorn Denying theHolocaust,” and more. Readers of Moss’s online strip will love thesignificantly expanded book, which features what Moss describes as “a wholebunch of new illustrations,” in a collection perfect for fans of The Book ofBunny Suicides, Cyanide & Happiness, Penny Arcade and TheTruth about Chuck Norris.

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