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Five Rare Cars – 3D Reconstruction

Today we would like to present you five rare automobiles. Out team has made these 3D models paying attention to all details of the exterior. We were inspired a lot and now we are thinking about printing them on a 3D printer. We believe that the most exciting in the profession of 3D artist is the moments of studying the object of modeling. Working with automobiles, little by little, you begin to take a serious interest in the history of their creation; you search for photos and blueprints; you try to raise constantly your standards of accuracy and fidelity drawing headlights, logos etc.. So, let’s have a look what we’ve got for you.

Our first model is Messerschmitt KR200.

The name of this automobile may sound familiar for you and it’s not by accident. The car was built on the German aircraft factory of the same name and designed by aircraft engineer Fritz Fend. Messerschmitt KR200 has three wheels and a beautiful tip-up capony. It’s not an usual convertible top, since the capony is hinged on the right side of the vehicle and can be turned aside as if in a small airplane. We won’t be surprised if there is a hidden catapult somewhere inside the car. It looks very futuristic; nevertheless such automobiles had been used for about 10 years riding through the streets.

Being highly compareable with Messerschmitt KR200, here is another German child, this time made by BMW, – BMW Isetta 300.

It was one of the most successful microcars produced during the period after World War II. The automobile has four wheels; the door is not situated on the side or on the top but at the front. We believe opening it and getting out from the car should have been creating furor, especially because the steering wheel was remaining on the door. During the years of its existence and use this automobile had acquired a lot of funny names. For example, in France it was called “yogurt pot”.

Ferrari concept car from designer Paolo Martin comes next. Ferrari 512 S Modulo.

n our opinion it is a very worthy car. This automobile belongs to the times when people didn’t hesitate to dream creating unusual shapes of the future. It is also one of the first cars with top-hung doors. For those times it was a quite new concept which was entrusted with a great future in the world of automotive design.

Although this car has no fantastic appearance, it is beautiful in its own way. AMC Gremlin.

Bringing to the industry a lot of innovations this automobile was very progressive for those times. We personally like its form and a bunch of interesting details in the design. For example, the back part somehow leaves the impression that this is a sports car.

And, of course, we couldn’t help but make Lincoln Futura.

This automobile is futuristic already in its name. It was hand-picked by design firm Ghia for Ford Motor Company in 1954. Lincoln Futura is widely known thanks to the popular toys. During nearly forty years Corgi Toys Firm put on the market more than a million plastic toys – copies of this car. Besides, appearing in many films, the automobile was a movie star and once even had been a Batmobile.

Well, this is our small but interesting collection. We hope you liked it and now you have a desire to create some classic car 3D model on your own.

Have a nice render then!

Sincerely yours, team

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