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Superb Vintage Posters Designed by György Konecsni

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From the 1930s to the 1970s, Konecsni György (1908-1970) was a leading poster artist in Hungary. In the 1930s, his classicist art deco designs first appeared on the streets.

From 1945 to 1949, Konecsni was the driving force behind the evolution of political poster art, imbuing it with new vigour. His work influenced generations of Hungarian poster artists. Konecsni, an artistic authority, was the most important teacher of commercial graphic design. Here is a collection of amazing vintage posters designed by György Konecsni from the 1930s to the 1960s.


Gyorgy Konecsni 2
Gyorgy Konecsni 3
Gyorgy Konecsni 4
Gyorgy Konecsni 5
Gyorgy Konecsni 6
Gyorgy Konecsni 7
Gyorgy Konecsni 8
Gyorgy Konecsni 9
Gyorgy Konecsni 10
Gyorgy Konecsni 11
Gyorgy Konecsni 12
Gyorgy Konecsni 13
Gyorgy Konecsni 14
Gyorgy Konecsni 15
Gyorgy Konecsni 16
Gyorgy Konecsni 17
Gyorgy Konecsni 18
Gyorgy Konecsni 19
Gyorgy Konecsni 20
Gyorgy Konecsni 21
Gyorgy Konecsni 22
Gyorgy Konecsni 23
Gyorgy Konecsni 24
Gyorgy Konecsni 25

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