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‘Sticky Fingers’ – The Rolling Stones: Recollecting the 1971 Stunning Photoshoot


One can’t help but reminisce about the 70s when rock music was reigning supreme. This was a golden era defined by many revolutionary albums, one of which was ‘Sticky Fingers’ by the legendary Rolling Stones.

This album, released in 1971, marked a significant milestone in their musical journey. A trip down memory lane recalls the iconic promo shoot for the album launch, an event as electrifying as the band itself.

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In the composition of the shoot, we saw band members poised in order of Charlie Watts, Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger. However, the creation of this memorable photo wasn’t as smooth as it may seem. Mick Jagger, a vital spark of the Stones, kept everyone in suspense as he arrived four hours late to the studio. He seemed less interested in engaging with the camera, until David Montgomery, the man behind the lens, humorously reminded him the photo wasn’t meant for his personal scrapbook.


The album cover itself stands as a testament to the creativity of that time. It was adorned with a photograph of a zippered crotch, a shot rumored to be of Joe Dallesandro, although the identity has been a subject of much debate. This unique concept was birthed by the legendary artist Andy Warhol, captured by photographer Billy Name, and brought to life by designer Craig Braun.


‘Sticky Fingers’ didn’t just turn heads with its controversial cover, but it also etched a mark on the music charts. It was the Rolling Stones’ first album to dominate the number one spot on both the UK and US album charts. It went on to receive triple platinum certification in the US, with “Brown Sugar” topping the Billboard Hot 100 in 1971. Such is its significance that it found a place in the Grammy Hall of Fame and made its mark in the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.





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