Japanese Figure Maker’s Vitruvian Man Is Here To Beat The Hell Out Of Your Other Toys

Sometimes it’s just not enough to have super hero and anime figures duke it out, you’ve got to add some historical and artistic firepower to your action figure duels. Fortunately, Japanese figure maker Figma has your back with their Table Museum series, a lineup of action figures that brings history’s most famous works of art to life (such as The Thinker and Michelangelo’s David). Now joining their lineup is perhaps the most formidable of masterpiece art–a multi-armed monstrosity in the form of a badass Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man action figure.

Mopre: Good Smile h/t: grapee

Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is based on the correlations of the ideal human body using gemoetry, and is often described as an artistic masterpiece showing off “harmony of the human body.” So it should come as a fitting entry in the Table Museum series, which is made from a flexible type of plastic and fully posable joints. The Vitruvian Man figure comes with alternate upper-body parts and even a special dial to recreate his classic pose. Of special note, however, is just how freaking hard-boiled this Renaissance figure looks, with a permanent scowl, bulging muscles, and ability to just eviscerate the artistic egos of other masterpieces like this:

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