An Instagram Account Of Fine Art Portraits Of Black People Throughout The Centuries

‘Black Artist Completing A Portrait of Maria Anna of Austria, Queen of Portugal’, oil on canvas by unknown Brazilian artist – date unknown, painted circa early 18th Century.

Acoording to a creator of @centuriesofblackpeopleinart Instagram account: “In response to requests on here I have created an instagram page of Fine Art portraits and depictions of Black people throughout the centuries. Feel free to share at any time.

Should you ever get into online discourse or even meet people who hold on to the rhetoric that we have only existed in a certain manner in certain spaces socio-economically, please feel free to bless them with this art.

Most importantly, please show any children for whom this might make the difference. I will be making an effort to add daily.”

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'Mademoiselle S'Nabou', oil on canvas by French painter Frédéric Adolphe Yvon – painted in 1892. Alima S'Nabou was young woman from Nigeria who accompanied Louis Alexandre Antoine Mizon during his explorations in Niger and the Congo (1890-1892). Speaking English very well and a little French, she worked as an interpreter during her journey in Africa. Alima accompanied Mizon back to Paris in 1892, was officially presented to the municipal council and enjoyed great popularity for some time #fineart #black #art #blackhistory #africa #19century #historical #blackladies #blackwomen #blackgirls #nigeria #nigerian #westafrican #french #history #art #arthistory #oiloncanvas #portrait #painting #paintings #centuriesofblackpeopleinart

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