Michal Zahornacky Creates Unique Abstract Photographs From Clear Water That Look Like Paintings

Michal Zahornacky is professional fine art photographer from Slovakia. Since 2014 he is active in the photography field on professional level. He is a self-taught.

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The main role in his photography plays the human. He mainly focuses on fine-art and conceptual portraits. His photographs are specific for unique emotions and atmosphere. He brings thoughts and moods to his photographs which he always shows them in unclear imagination so the viewer must think about the message of the photography. His most famous projects are Dream series and Poems series, which were published in many magazines and prized in Slovakia as well as abroad. By viewing Michal’s photographs you find yourself thinking about the realness of the photography and about the postprocess. Most of the photographs are prepared on scene – not photoshop manipulated.

“In my project Curves, I am displaying other, original look of portraits. It goes beyond the classical beauty and prefers an abstract image of the photographed model. I try to distort the perfect symmetry of the shape so that the final portrait will look at first as an abstract painting.

In my more recent and abstract pieces, I am questioning viewers perception of aesthetics and encourage them to find beauty in abstract imperfection which is so unique and rare in current media.

The curvature of the image is achieved by using the physical properties of water. The surface of all water is curved. The water in motion creates irregular curves of the object. It can move, curve, reflect. The photographs are shot on film, not software-manipulated,” he told Bored Panda.

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