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Artist Leaves His Paintings For People To Find After Getting Rejected By Art Galleries

My Dog Sighs, a talented street artist from England, made his first drawing when he was 7 years old. Since then everyone knew him as a child who can draw, and this was enough to set him on a journey to become an artist. Later, he left his job at a primary school where he worked as a teacher, decided to become a professional and started painting everything he thought the galleries would like.

But the reality was not that easy – after visiting every gallery within a 200 mile radius and receiving “no” from all of them, he lost his dream for a while. Until one day Banksy‘s stencilled Rat, sprayed on a wall in London, inspired him to try this again, but with a different approach. This is when he started to drop his paintings in the streets for someone to find, and not giving up led him to becoming one of the most respected street artists in the UK.

Since the canvases aren‘t that cheap, My Dog Sighs started using old, already useless objects to create his art. He then painted an old can, turning it into something worth to find, and it all began. It was a reflection of his own journey – lost, then found, given a new lease of life and let go travel its own journey.

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