Artist Builds Articulating Pneumatic Wings Fit for a Human


Artist Alexis Noriega of The Crooked Feather has designed a handmade pair of bird wings fit for an actual human. As a matter of fact, the artist’s creation is equipped with pneumatic automation, which means that the wings can extend and retract through a sophisticated air pressure system, operated at the flick of a switch.


To create the base of this impressive construction, Noriega used fabric, glue, and wire. She then layered on a series of bird feathers and modeled her design after hawk wings.


To make the wings move, the artist utilized a small paintball tank, which can be hidden on the back of one’s belt. What results is a 15-20 lb. pair of wings that will make any user feel as though they can soar through the sky.


This particular set costs $2,500, but other designs can be found in Noriega’s Etsy store. If you’d like to try building your own, you’re in luck because the artist will soon be releasing a tutorial on her YouTube channel.


Via My Modern Met, Twisted Sifter, Laughing Squid

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