Minimally Painted Wood Sculptures That Highlight Environmental Decay By Willy Verginer

Capturing the essence of its territory, the memory of the places without denying its roots, Willy Verginer has built a road of his own, original and figurative. Appearing simultaneously lifelike and whimsical, the sculptures of Willy Verginer are dipped in bold colors and patterned, adding just the right amount of surrealism.

The wooden sculptures of Willy Verginer are worked in full relief in the round. The sculptures of Willy Verginer rise up with all their mass, volume, and the weight of their material in the space they are placed in. The forms created by Willy Verginer seem concerned only with themselves and their own internal system of formal relationships and meanings. The sharp and embattled handling with which Willy Verginer provokes and caresses wood does not result in anything ancient. Willy Verginer does not make statues; he creates indeed images in action.

More: Willy Verginer, Instagram h/t: colossal

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