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‘The World’s Most Remote Pop-Up Shop’ Handed Out Gear 300 Feet Up A Sheer Cliff

Climbers on the iconic Bastille in Eldorado Canyon deal with heavy winds, pouring rain and temperatures that can rise and fall by as much as 40 degrees in August. As prepped as they might be, they could likely use an extra layer or two on their way to the top of this picturesque mountain outside Boulder, Colorado.

Enter the world’s most remote pop-up, dubbed Cliffside Shop and manned from sunrise to sunset by a fellow climber handing out hoodies, socks and other gear to anyone who needs it. The price may be free, but it does require you to climb 300 feet to a shop that juts out from the sheer face of the mountain.

The idea came from WIP as part of the agency’s pitch about six months ago to work with 37.5, which is found in brands like Carhhart, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Bahama and Bauer. It took roughly six weeks to fabricate the 6-by-10-foot shop, built around a cantilevered ledge. Once it was fully assembled, the store was pulled up on ropes by expert climbers and latched onto the mountain.

The two-day stunt, from Work in Progress for advanced materials company 37.5 Technology, took place earlier this month and provided jackets, fleece and other weather protection to about 70 climbers. Intended to make a big public splash for a little-known marketer, the shop also tried to take the concept of pop-ups to, um, new heights.

h/t: adweek

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