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Gabriele Serrini’s Powerful Abstract Pop Art Paintings


Italian painter Gabriele Serrini, who is presently residing in Spain, creates visually arresting paintings by fusing pop culture motifs with abstract expressionism.

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[image] 341063

Amazing paintings of legendary characters from comic books, music, and sports can be found in his portfolio. These include fierce portraits of Wolverine, The Joker, Homer Simpson, Jimi Hendrix, Tupac, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan.

[image] 1093607

Gabriele’s love of art extends beyond his creations. His commitment lies in providing guidance and motivation to emerging artists, sharing his creative viewpoint and enabling them to uncover their individual artistic identities.

[image] 1462638
[image] 1733134
[image] 1994355
[image] 2235757
[image] 2749739
[image] 2969297
[image] 3274443
[image] 3350908
[image] 3400665
[image] 3557315
[image] 4282969
[image] 4421719
[image] 4515361
[image] 4883538
[image] 5183197
[image] 5241892
[image] 5517360
[image] 5562044
[image] 5640636
[image] 5682965
[image] 5891414
[image] 6558487
[image] 6791238
[image] 6818847
[image] 7008983
[image] 7334442
[image] 7658476
[image] 8290993
[image] 8576833
[image] 8705034
[image] 8823632
[image] 9295628
[image] 9710547
[image] 9968512

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