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Baroque Baths and Rococo Ripples: The Art of Historical Pools Reimagined With AI


In a fascinating intersection of history and modern leisure, photographer Tomislav Marcijuš, utilizing the power of Midjourney, envisions what public swimming pools might have looked like had they been designed during the Baroque and Rococo periods.

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Tomislav’s creative series spans several pools, each adopting a different historical flair, taking inspiration from comments received on a previous series that touched upon art deco’s influence on cinemas and pools. It’s a testament to how the past can inspire the present, and how art transcends its original form to find new expression.

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The series evokes a sense of what it might have been like to swim amidst the luxury of past aristocracy, bringing an almost dreamlike quality to an everyday leisure activity. It reminds us that the boundaries between art, architecture, and life are only as solid as we make them.

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