Here’s What You Need To Know About The World’s First Instafamous Ghost


Meet Mr. Boo, the most famous ghost on Instagram. He lives in Spain and spends his time haunting the winding streets of various cities during the night. Sometimes he speaks to people he meets and is often found playing small jokes on lost tourists such as giving them wrong directions.

Martes 13, uno de mis días favoritos. #fantasma #barcelona #emergencyexit #ghost #martes13

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Mr. Boo recently sat down for an interview during which he was asked him point-blank whether he was a real ghost or not.

El cesped es sólo para fantasmas. #perrosno #fantasma #barcelona #ghost

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“Of course I am a real ghost. If I were a normal person I wouldn’t be wearing a sheet.”

Debería ser Halloween todos los días. #buenasnoches #barcelona #goodnight #fantasma #ghost #halloween

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When asked why he does what he does, Mr. boo explained that it gives him a specific kind of satisfaction.

“I will keep wandering and frightening on the streets,” he explained. “This job makes me feel alive.”

No hay ni un alma por aquí. #buenasnoches #salamanca #fantasma #ursulas #goodnight #ghost

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Esperando al siguiente que pase #buenastardes #barcelona #fantasma #ghost

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Perdido entre peluches #barcelona #fantasma #ghost

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ooq ˙ɹɯ #barcelona #fantasma #ghost

A photo posted by Mr. Boo ( on

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