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Meet Alicia Framis, The First Woman To Marry A Hologram

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Alicia Framis, an artist from Catalonia, will become the first woman in the world to marry an artificial intelligence. She is engaged to a hologram called AiLeix, with whom she has been living for several months.

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AiLeix is a kind of “blend” of Alicia’s previous boyfriends. AI learns from the experiences of her former young men. As the artist explains, the idea of a hybrid marriage was decided to be realised for relationship research purposes. Alicia is also working on the possibility of getting insurance or a mortgage with an AI spouse.

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The wedding of the artist and AI will take place in Rotterdam in the summer, and will be a performance designed to reflect on the future of the relationship. The marriage will be legal, and Framis will organise a dinner where food will be served “for both the real and digital world”.

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After the ceremony, the couple will embark on a journey allowing viewers around the world to immerse themselves in the lives of Alicia and AILex, who will share their experiences through various platforms.

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