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Absurd Realism in Monica Carvalho’s Exploration of AI in Photography


Monica Carvalho is a Swiss-Portuguese photographer who resides in Berlin. From a young age, she was captivated by illusionism and magic tricks. She holds the Surrealists in high regard and is fascinated by the endless possibilities that photography provides for experimentation.

Her life took a significant turn when she discovered Adobe Photoshop, which enabled her to blend her photographs with her imagination, and more recently, with AI. Her guiding principle is to transform “the ordinary into extraordinary”, thereby enhancing the significance of everyday life.

In the autumn of 2023, she embarked on a specific AI project that has since led her further into the enchanting realm of prompt photography and its creative potential. Primarily using self-portraits, she eagerly pushes the limits of absurd realism. The apparent tranquility of the models starkly contrasts with their surrealistic clothing and environment, resulting in a humorous composition. This hopefully sparks an intriguing conversation about the role of AI in art.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Ai.mofart 1696857404 3209795009568240918 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1696857582 3209796506087417155 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1696857730 3209797740026485161 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1696859843 3209815469207041448 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1696859931 3209816207773627962 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1696950544 3210576325566000763 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697027897 3211225207765376944 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697099395 3211824977953237251 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697123570 3212027768944560877 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697189582 3212581519556234818 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697209220 3212746259939175284 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697380850 3214185990530802284 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697459967 3214849679026096012 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697533705 3215468233538828390 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697618762 3216181745516957981 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697706886 3216920978158409504 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697725992 3217081257120012570 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1697815670 3217833524482731477 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1698243511 3221422516562188609 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1698309486 3221975960805140703 62245350728
Ai.mofart 1698919185 3227090483442397544 62245350728

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