The Orange and The Sleepy: An AI Tale of Unlikely Friendship in Politics – Design You Trust

The Orange and The Sleepy: An AI Tale of Unlikely Friendship in Politics


From ‘Tiny Trump’ to ‘Snoozy Joe the Hair Sniffer’, we’ve seen the political roast session from both sides of the aisle.

Insults are being tossed around like hot potatoes. But wouldn’t it be a hoot if we could all just bury the hatchet, and frolic in the fields of friendship? If Biden and Trump can share a bromantic moment, why can’t we all? At least in the realm of AI, such a utopia exists. Keep scrolling to witness the most epic bromance in history!

h/t: sadanduseless

Biden And Trump As Friend1
Biden And Trump As Friend3
Biden And Trump As Friend4
Biden And Trump As Friend5
Biden And Trump As Friend6
Biden And Trump As Friend7
Biden And Trump As Friend8
Biden And Trump As Friend9
Biden And Trump As Friend10
Biden And Trump As Friend11
Biden And Trump As Friend12
Biden And Trump As Friend13
Biden And Trump As Friend14
Biden And Trump As Friend15
Biden And Trump As Friend16
Biden And Trump As Friend17
Biden And Trump As Friend18
Biden And Trump As Friend19
Biden And Trump As Friend20
Biden And Trump As Friend21
Biden And Trump As Friend22
Biden And Trump As Friend23
Biden And Trump As Friend24

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