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Sensual and Intricate Portraits by Irina Nikolaeva


Irina Nikolaeva aka Irina Nart, a talented freelance illustrator based in Milan, creates beautiful, complex, and engaging portraits that blend abstract techniques, intricate line work, and traditional painting methods, drawing inspiration from fashion, people, and everyday experiences, and has collaborated with high-profile clients like L’Oréal, TNT, and FX Networks.

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[image] 226848
[image] 639185
[image] 1827382
[image] 1847591
[image] 2300147
[image] 2600472
[image] 2925262
[image] 3086295
[image] 3124533
[image] 3394442
[image] 3451580
[image] 3867546
[image] 3890286
[image] 3906275
[image] 4623165
[image] 5329613
[image] 5702987
[image] 5863947
[image] 5926935
[image] 6104301
[image] 6420806
[image] 6942113
[image] 7106849
[image] 7153352
[image] 7182587
[image] 7255354
[image] 7399580
[image] 8058743
[image] 8255052
[image] 8967238
[image] 9000980
[image] 9376405
[image] 9506768
[image] 9680991
[image] 9976199
[image] 2248602

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