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Chinese Farmers Turn Rice Paddies Into Stunning Works Of Art

Northeast Chinas Shenyang city may become a hot tourism attraction this summer thanks to 3D images on its rice fields. Rice field art is made by using different colors and types of rice to create a giant picture on a paddy field. This year, Shenyang adopted a new technology to control the plants height and form stereographs in the 680-mu (453,000 square meters) fields. Images are embodied with characters, human figures, animals and plants. One of the most attractive pictures features Nezha (Nalakuvara), a deity from ancient Chinese mythology and literature. Shenyang started creating rice field art in 2012 and has been hosting it annually. Continue reading »

Creative Photo Works Of Artist’s Hands Exploring Different Art Forms

A Jakarta, Indonesia-based creative, known as ‘ponypork’ on Instagram, constantly explores new ways to experiment with various art forms and self-expression, and visualizes his enticing journey through his unique, on-going photo series that literally depicts the concept of being “hands-on”. Continue reading »

Incredible Body Art Works


This is the stunning body of work by a talented painter – who transforms humans into amazing animals. From alligators to foxes and even owls, artist Shannon Holt, 39, paints every little detail on models to turn them into wildlife. The incredible paintings, which take anywhere between six to 12.5 hours to complete, are part of her Florida Wildlife Series. Shannon, from DeLand, Florida, previously worked on different surfaces such as glass, metals and wood. But the animal advocate decided to experiment with human canvasses and incorporate animals in her work. Here: Red Fox.
Continue reading »

The Copycats: Cats Imitating Famous Works Of Art

Who needs Rembrandt when you’ve got a saucy little tabby? In the Renaissance, you needed to have years of formal training in painting or sculpting to be considered one of the masters. Now, all you need is a cat, a camera and a decent internet connection. Here’s a collection of pretty remarkable recreations of cats as famous works of art. More than anything, this just makes me want to go pull my old Far Side: Wiener Dog Art book of the shelf.

Salvador Dali, “Woman At The Window” (1925) Continue reading »

Photography Works by Sarah Sitkin

“Sarah is unexpected, Sarah flashes, Sarah is colorful. Her photos are parties, are magic and surreal moments.” Continue reading »

Amazing Works Of Joshua Hibbert

Take a look at amazing typo- and artworks of Joshua Hibbert, a graphic and sound designer from London. Continue reading »

The Art of the App: Works made on iPads and iPhones

Kissed by the Sun, by Xi Chen. Continue reading »

Amazing Works by the Unknown Illustrator

Fantastic pen drwaings, created by the unknown russian illustrator under the name of “Sidr Baitzagitz“. No more information to be given. Just take a look and enjoy. Continue reading »

Exhibition in Tokyo Turns Aquarium into Works of Art

A woman takes pictures of goldfish as she visits the ‘Art Aquarium’ exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo on Tuesday, September 6. More than 1,000 goldfish are on display at the exhibition running until September 12, 2011. (Franck Robichon / EPA) Continue reading »

Dante’s Surreal Art Works

Amazing art works of Dante (the real name is Danil Sherekin, from Donetsk, Ukraine). Continue reading »

Design Works of Elena Lazutina

Cool works of Elena Lazutina — from fonts to pat­terns and illus­tra­tions. Continue reading »