Web Developer Creates A Site That Turns Your Photos Into Works Of Emoji Art

Emoji fans can now express themselves through icons in a more artistic way.

“Unusual Looking” Puppy Adopted By Family Who Didn’t Care About Her Scars

New York Times web developer Eric Andrew Lewis has created a website that will turn any image into an emoji work of art.

“Disney Game of Thrones” Update

All you do is upload your photo of choice and in a few short moments your pic will be transformed into hundreds of emoji.

Adorable Emojis Made Of Healthy Food by Scottish Artist Heather Adams

We’re not sure why Lewis has made it, but we’re glad he did – because seeing drunk photos of you and your friends in the form of an emoji mosaic is oddly satisfying.

Cardboard Architecture by Nina Lindgren

Bicycle Art

It’s weirdly addictive and you may find you lose an hour or two creating emoji masterpieces.

Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon

Marilyn Monroe By Photographer Lawrence Schiller

Stunning Self Portraits by Cansu Ozkaraca

Via Metro

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