Heart-Shaped Cupcakes


Make heart-shaped cupcakes by rolling 3 balls of foil and placing the big ball of foil in the top middle part then 2 balls on the both sides.

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ROOT: Countertop Gardening Device


ROOT, an intuitive countertop gardening device that allows any city-dweller to become a skilled gardener.

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Mason Jar Lanterns


Glue colorful tissue or thin paper in a mason jar and a battery-operated candle. Light your sidewalk with them or put them on tables. Great for outdoor parties.

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Hot Handle Holder

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Sandwich two thick fabrics together and sew them according to the length of the pan holder you’re using it for. This would make a great hot handle holder for your pans and they’re easy to wash.

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Bondic | Liquid Plastic Welder


A liquid plastic that never dries until you want it to! Simply squeeze out the desired amount and use the UV LED Light to cure it in 4 seconds and it’s done!

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Noocity Growbed


Noocity Growbed is an innovative self-watering and self-fertilizing urban gardening system that only needs to be watered every 15 days!

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Remove Sticky Residue Using Vinegar


Use vinegar to remove decals or sticker without leaving any sticky residue.

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Conceal Scratches On Glasses


If you have prescription glasses that have scratched plastic lenses, use metal polish to conceal the scratches. Put a few drops of metal polish in the scratched area. If you don’t know which side of the lens has scratches, put drops on both sides. Use a soft rag or a microfiber cloth to wipe the polish then spray the treated area with windows cleaner. Wipe the lenses and use protective cases to avoid further scratches.

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Mason Jar Candle Holder


Decorate old mason jars with autumn leaves. Choose malleable leaves so they can bend and rub mod podge outside the jar. When the mod podge dries, hold the leaves until they stick. Repeat until you have reached your desired amount of leaves.

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Fly Trap


Create your own fly trap with a 1.5L soda bottlle. Cut in half and put any food that rots easy in the lower half then put the upper half upside down.

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Alternative Valentine’s


Some 2015 Valentine’s card ibspiration from Dan Mackey. Hand finish cards with Operation and Instagram themes. Or classic ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ turned into a perfect card complete with flower. Or say I love you the hipster way with a geometric heart.

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Wooden Shelf Divider


Hang unused shelves upside down to use them as additional shelves with dividers.

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Create Your Own Felt Air Fresheners


Create your own felt air fresheners by cutting out felt according the shape you like and sprinkle a few drops of essential oil. Once the smell wears off, you can always sprinkle oil more.

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Side Project Skateboards


Inspired by the DIY spirit of nascent skate culture in the early 60’s, each board is handcrafted from start to finish using found and recovered hardwoods—all of which are selected by hand for their unique beauty and structural integrity

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Remove Hot Glue Gun Strings


Remove hot glue strings by blow drying them with your hair dryer. Don’t leave it on for too long because it might loosen the glue in crucial places.

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