Create Your Own Scratch Cards


Spend more time with your kids by playing scratch cards with them. Create your own scratch cards by putting a sticky back plastic on the spot where you want the scratch paint to be.

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DIY take-off light by Fifty Fifty

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The DIY take-off light by Fifty Fifty is designed to be of high originality and individual functionality. Designer Maximilian Schmahl of Fifty Fifty try to make the product to work easily and does not take itself too seriously. With your own creativity, you can create your very own special lampshade which will have a special relationship with their owners.

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Teach Toddlers How To Put On Shoes


If you’re teaching a toddler how to put on shoes, cut a sticker and place each half inside the shoes to ensure that the shoes are put on correctly.

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This Beautiful Table Actually Starts To Glow As The Sun Goes Down


The table was made and designed by Mike Warren, a DIY-er and columnist for Dollar Store Crafts. It’s a beautiful table with streaks of blue scattered across the wood that begin to glow as the sun goes down. The best part is that it’s actually a pretty simple project. With a little bit of woodworking knowledge you can build one of these awesome tables for yourself.

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Thread Organizer


Love sewing but hate getting your threads tangled? Use a cork board and stick some nails on it. Hang the spools and make sure they’re far apart from each other.

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TicTac Containers As Bobby Pins Storage


Use TicTac containers to store bobby pins. Simply put bobby pins inside and shake them to get a pin. You can also wrap hair ties around the container.

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Sugru | Moldable Glue


Sugru is a self-setting rubber, formed by hand and cures at room temperature overnight…

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Sticky Bobby Pins


Spray bobby pins with hair spray to make them more sticky and so they won’t slide off your hair.

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Pixelated Christmas Ornaments For Your Retro Christmas Tree

8-Bit ornaments made of Perler Beads were inspired by video games from the ‘80s, created by designer Adam Crockett. They look great on a Christmas tree, especially if you love geeky retro themes!

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Reuse Old Shirts As Cup Cozy


Reuse old shirts as cup cozy. Cut two strips of cloth with different colors and twist them together. Do this for four to five times and glue the strips together, side by side with fabric glue then cut a small strip of fabric for closure.

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Heart-Shaped Cupcakes


Make heart-shaped cupcakes by rolling 3 balls of foil and placing the big ball of foil in the top middle part then 2 balls on the both sides.

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ROOT: Countertop Gardening Device


ROOT, an intuitive countertop gardening device that allows any city-dweller to become a skilled gardener.

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Mason Jar Lanterns


Glue colorful tissue or thin paper in a mason jar and a battery-operated candle. Light your sidewalk with them or put them on tables. Great for outdoor parties.

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Hot Handle Holder

september 2011 011

Sandwich two thick fabrics together and sew them according to the length of the pan holder you’re using it for. This would make a great hot handle holder for your pans and they’re easy to wash.

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Bondic | Liquid Plastic Welder


A liquid plastic that never dries until you want it to! Simply squeeze out the desired amount and use the UV LED Light to cure it in 4 seconds and it’s done!

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