WAZUMA V8: World’s Most Expensive Quad Bike Goes on Sale for $265,000

It may look impressive and worth an eye-watering £170,000, but the world’s most expensive quad bike can’t even be driven on the road. Manufacturers Lazareth say that the Wazuma V8 is so powerful it is purely a track-only vehicle.

he quad bike is on the market for a staggering $265,000, making it the most expensive in the world.

Makers Lazareth have put the one-off machine for sale on the luxury website Jameslist – an Auto Trader for billionaires.

The Lazareth Wazuma V8 has been fitted with an engine from a Ferrari and gearbox from a BMW M3.


Engine: Ferrari – 250bhp
Top speed: Over 150pmh
Wheels: 18 inch 285‐30ZR18 for the front and 315‐30ZR18 for the rear
Weight: 650kg
Suspension system: Four horizontal shock absorbers made‐to‐measure by EMC
Gearbox: Six speed made by BMX M3

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