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These Animal Constellation Cookies Are Out Of This World

Pastry chef and author Heather Baird is responsible for these Instagram-famous cookies which integrate art, animals, and baking. After Baird was inspired to read about constellations and the mythology of the galaxy, she took to the kitchen to recreate the sky. She takes animal constellations in particular and turns them into cookies with a decorative Aurora Borealis, marble fondant.

More info: Instagram (h/t: lostateminor)

Lucky Peppermint Pig Cookies, because we could use some good fortune in the coming year! ????? #sprinklebakesadvent

A photo posted by Heather Baird (@sprinklebakes) on

Cute little lemony mochi chicks, new on the blog!

A photo posted by Heather Baird (@sprinklebakes) on

Scary-good skeleton cake with candy bones inside! New on the blog! ??? #halloween

A photo posted by Heather Baird (@sprinklebakes) on


A photo posted by Heather Baird (@sprinklebakes) on

LEGO sugar cookies! New recipe on the blog #lego

A photo posted by Heather Baird (@sprinklebakes) on

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