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Foldable.Me Launches!

Ever wished you were cuter, lighter and more portable?

Foldable.Me lets you create 3D cardboard avatars of yourself or your friends. Customise them on and they’ll be sent anywhere in the world. Foldable.Me launches on October 2nd 2012 – priced at $11.99 including free international delivery.

It’s a simple way to give a unique and personalised gift. With over 18,000 people signed up to the launch mailing list, Foldable.Me seems to have touched a nerve.

Creating your Foldable is simple. Select from hundreds of eyes, noses, hairdos, clothes and more on the nifty 3D creation widget. Give your Foldable the right look, place your order and – hey presto! – a week or so later he (or she) will pop through your letterbox.

Made from quality matt laminate cardboard, each Foldable arrives precision cut and scored. There’s no need for scissors or glue: a few quick folds and they’re standing proud at a mighty 4 inches.

Foldables love to party. To prove it, they’ve shot what critics are calling ‘the greatest cardboard buddy film ever made’:

Foldable.Me is possible thanks to the generosity of 919 backers on Kickstarter. There has been talk recently about Kickstarter projects failing to deliver: Foldable.Me shows it can play a vital role in funding new businesses.

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