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This Badass All-Black Superyacht Is Fit For James Bond


The new concept superyacht, dubbed Black Swan, has got to be the coolest-looking vessel on the high seas, with a super-streamlined form and all-black look. The concept, made from aluminum and enforced steel, comes from European designer Timur Bozca.

h/t: bravotv, protothema


Crafted from aluminium and reinforced steel, Black Swan has two forward balconies protected by glass railings, offering passengers a stunning view over the surrounding oceans from the comfort of the luxurious vessel.


A helipad on the top deck is accessed via a concealed lift, and its lower decks feature a master suite and six guest cabins that can accommodate 12 people.


“It was important for the exterior to use simple lines together with dramatic angles and curves,” Bozca said. “I believe that simplicity is an important factor in making a design elegant and clean.”


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