How To Make iPhone Apps Video Course – Design You Trust

How To Make iPhone Apps Video Course

No coding experience? No problem.

With this easy-to-follow video course you’ll learn how to create apps using the same tools and techniques used to make the top apps in The App Store.

You’ll create your first app in Lesson 2 without writing a single line of code and then in Lesson 3 you’ll learn how to write code using Apple’s Objective-C programming language. Once you’ve gotten the hang of programming, you’ll create three more apps as you explore Apple’s iOS software development kit.

You’ll also be walked through every detail of developing an app from project creation, through every line of code, and on to testing the app. Finally, in the last lesson you’ll be able to watch over the instructor’s shoulder as he submits an app to The App Store.

A Complete Video Series On How To Build iOS Apps!

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