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Artist Jane Radstrom Creates Stunning Portrait Paintings With Photographic Effects

Jane Radstrom is an artist and designer from Berlin. Jane studied painting and drawing from Watts Atelier California where she was mostly exposed to renaissance traditions of realism. She understands that illustrations focus on a specific meaning in her art and in her portrait paintings, you can find a mixture of old school and modern school techniques and result is awesome.

According to Jane Radstrom bio: “While I am a part of a centuries-old tradition of artists depicting the human form, I also want my art to respond to the time in which I live. I am inspired by photographic effects, specifically the manipulation of exposure to create images that look ‘real’, but contain more than a single still image. In choosing poses, I focus on nuances of body language and expression. It is important to me that the people are presented realistically, showing unidealized beauty and what I think of as a modern sense of confidence in candid moments. I hope that when you stand in front of a piece you can feel the presence of the person depicted”.

More info: Jane Radstrom, Facebook (h/t: webneel)

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