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3D Art of Markus Kanzler: Exploring the World of Texture, Composition and Color

Markus Kanzler, the face behind Marterium, is an artist from Germany who is deeply passionate about the exploration of form and color. Understanding each combination of these as a different language. On his journey he tries to capture abstract ideas and translate them into fascinating and captivating compositions. While understanding digital art as a form of collaboration between man and machine.

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The tools to create digital art are ever evolving and every year, the brushes of a digital artist get an update – that’s the most exciting thing for him. Cinema 4D, Houdini and Photoshop are the main tools for Marterium‘s creations, alongside After Effects or plugins like Octane and X-Particles.

Before 3D art became his playground and strong passion, Markus studied psychology. Because he never felt the desire to work as a classical therapist, Markus brought Marterium to life in 2019 and dived into the world of crypto in 2020. Most important for him is to evoke people‘s emotions and stimulate their awareness. And of course spread some beautiful, still meaningful inspiration to the world, while staying in the background as a person. In a humorous way you can say, even if he doesn’t intended to, he still became a therapist, but an extraordinary and more creative one.

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