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Model Born Without Legs: Kanya Sesser Won’t Let Her Disability Stop Her


When Kanya Sesser (previously) was born without legs in Thailand, her parents abandoned her on the steps of a Buddhist temple. But since then, she has overcome the odds on to prove that her handicap doesn’t limit her by mastering skateboard, skiing, and surfing – and landing a campaign with the underwear company PantyProp.

Photo © by Robert Parrish

In the company’s new campaign, Kanya is seen rocking the underwear while lounging around, reading a book, add brushing her teeth – which she has to do while perched atop the sink.

Photo © by Robert Parrish

‘It’s about women empowerment – be comfortable in your skin,’ she told People. ‘I’m sexy in my own skin.’

Photo © by Robert Parrish

Kanya, who was adopted by parents in Portland, Oregon, when she was five, doesn’t shy away from having her picture taken in her skivvies, and said she’d never been shy for photos.

Photo © by Robert Parrish

‘I just love being in front of the camera,’ she said. ‘Ever since I was little, I would take pictures a lot just to have fun and show my life story.’

Photo © by Robert Parrish

The reason she’s so fit is because Kanya is a major athlete. Not only does she like to hit the slopes and hang ten, but she also prefers using a skateboard to get around then her wheelchair.

Photo © by Patrick T Fallon / Barcroft USA. h/t: dailymail

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