Apple Highlights Best Photos Shot On iPhone Around The World

Alex Jiang (US), iPhone XS Max


iPhone photographers around the world shared their best photos for the Shot on iPhone Challenge, capturing remarkable moments with the world’s most popular camera. The 10 selected winners will be featured on billboards in select cities, in Apple retail stores and online. The winning shots came from a range of models, from iPhone XS Max to iPhone 7, showcasing the quality of cameras across the line.

The top 10 winners came from countries including Singapore, Germany, Belarus, Israel and the US, highlighting the global community of iPhone photographers that participated. These photos capture colorful city scenery, curious animals, creative reflections, the beauty of the ordinary and more.

h/t: apple

Blake Marvin (US), iPhone XS Max


Darren Soh (Singapore), iPhone XS Max


Nikita Yarosh (Belarus), iPhone 7


Dina Alfasi (Israel), iPhone X


Elizabeth Scarrott (US), iPhone 8 Plus


Andrew Griswold (US), iPhone XS


Bernard Antolin (US), iPhone XS Max


LieAdi Darmawan (US), iPhone XS


Robert Glaser (Germany), iPhone 7


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