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Italian Restauranteur Spends 40 years Hand-building His Own Amusement Park

An Italian has created his very own theme park – built in his spare time over 40 years in the woods near his restaurant. The restauranteur, known only as Bruno, has hand-built the amusement park filled with swings, seesaws, a ferris wheel and even a roller coaster, in Montello, northern Italy.

Bruno started in 1969 shortly after setting up grill restaurant Ai Pioppi in northern Italy. He was looking for hooks to join chairs together in his restaurant when a local welder suggest he do the work himself. Since then, as well as building his restaurant to seat 500 people, he has also built increasingly bigger rides as part of his nearby hand-made amusement park.

The amusement park now attracts hundreds of fun-loving visitors, including Oriol Ferrer Mesia, who took pictures and video of his recent visit.

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