This Incredible ’Time Capsule’ Home Hasn’t Changed At All For Over 72 Years


This house in Toronto, Canada was built 72 years ago. Recently, the owner — an ordinary 96-year-old woman, a seamstress and knitter by trade — decided to sell it. But when real estate agents came to see the house, they gasped in astonishment. Judging by the interior design, they were back in the 1950s. Every centimetre was decorated with love and attention to detail. Among themselves, local real estate businessmen dubbed it “a pearl that’s been hiding in a shell.”

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The exterior

The facade is utterly unremarkable and looks like any other in the neighbourhood.

The entrance hall

As soon as you enter the hallway it becomes clear that an unassuming exterior hides something really special.

The living room

“I’ve always tried to be individual, and follow my own style. My favourite colours are pink, purple and seafoam,” says the owner. Despite her age, she has continued to maintain the home on her own in recent years.

The dining room

In case you’ve been eyeing the dining room set for the last few minutes, bear in mind that the home owner’s daughter already has dibs on it!

The kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with an original 1950s Moffat stove, which is still in perfect working order.

The breakfast nook

This breakfast nook — as well as the rest of the house — could become an ideal set for a retro movie.

The second floor landing

That’s right, those are wrought-iron chairs and tables — classic twentieth century design rarely seen today.

The main bedroom

Thanks to the harmonious tone-on-tone style, the bedroom has looked like a royal chamber all these years.

The guest bedroom

One of the things the daughter remembers about her mother’s style is the way her father used to say, “You can decorate other rooms however you want, just please no pink in the master bedroom.” As we can see, she obviously had a field day with the guest room!

The third bedroom

This bedroom is decorated in a sewing studio style. Purple and orange colours are a perfect combo.

The family bathroom

The passion for pink shows in here as well. Combined with matte gold, it gives the place few delicate accents.

The downstairs bathroom

Lilac and peach. Not a thing out of place. Pure style!

The basement

The basement has been turned into a relaxation room. Here one can sit at the bar, play some poker or warm up by the fireplace. And if the guests had an especially good time, they are welcome to spend the night on a cosy couch.

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