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Amazing Handmade Solar System by Josephine Ryan

Josephine Ryan is a Norwegian artist, designer and goldsmith. Below is a creation process of her masterpiece, called Solarsystem, with her own comments to the making of.

“This is a new version of the first solar system I made, but this time in all silver.”

“A handfull of solar systems. I have pictures of other things I’ve made on facebook.”

“Crap, I forgot Uranus.”

“I had to pick the planets off, and rearrange them to make room for Uranus.
I had Jupiter and Saturn in the wrong places too…”

“Soldering them back on.”

“Correct number of planets! (Or well, no. One too much, but I included Pluto. I like Pluto, okay?)
This one is not sold yet, I made it just for fun.”

“Pluto and Charon.”

“Pluto doesn’t spin around it’s own axis, it spins around a point right outside itself.”

“You can order solarsystems from my shop.”

“This is the first one I made, as a part of my exam my first year of goldsmith school. ”

“This is the one I made for a redditor recently, who didn’t need it for his girlfriend after all, they broke up right before I finished making it. ”

“This is how I start making them.”

“This is a doming set.”

“You have to work with them for a long time to get it a perfect circle, otherwise you end up with a ufo like this.”

“Now they are half spheres, and ready to be put together.
Sorry for the ugly, dirty fingers, but you get like that when working.”

“I made them a bit bigger, with the intention of making a couple of really big solar systems, but figured out they would be too big. I’m making round lockets instead. This one is almost finished, and has little leaves on it.”


“About half finished.”

“This is my acid pickle, just a glass dish on the stove top.”

“It looks like this right out of the pickle. A white layer forms on the silver.”

“After brushing with a brass brush it looks like this.”

Via Imgur.

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