The Tiny Home Built from Scratch for $11,000

In one small swoop, Idaho architect Macy Miller has opted out of paying rent or even a mortgage with her perfectly formed ‘Tiny House’ – that cost her only $11,416.16 and which she broke her back building. Finding herself divorced, unemployed and losing her home to foreclosure two years ago, the Boise resident enlisted the help of her dad and later her boyfriend to start building her 196-square-foot dream home. The house which is built atop a flatbed trailer – made complete with sustainable materials – has the unlikely boast of its $2,000 compost toilet being the most expensive amenity or appliance in the whole cute build.

Macy Miller’s tiny house in Boise, Idaho, which is only 196-square-feet – but boasts all the modern conveniences of a normal, lager home.

Macy Miller began construction of the property in December 2011 and has plowed $11,000 of her own money into the tiny home.

The kitchen is powered by gas and the home is currently hooked up to the power grid – but soon Macy wants that to change.

Macy’s bed is above her cupboards which is just behind her living room to the rear of her kitchen.

Creating her plans for the house from scratch, taking influence from other tiny home residents, Macy invested $10,000 initially in her new home.

Via Daily Mail.

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