This Guy Has Built A Hobbit House In His Backyard


30-year-old Ashley Yeates is not a hobbit. The Bedford, England, is a design and construction expert that’s much too big to be a hobbit, although rumor has it his feet might be just as hairy–but despite these shortcomings, he decided to build a “hobbit hole” in his garden, a project that took almost a year to complete. After a tree died in the yard, he decided a hole was just the thing to take its place!

h/t: boredpanda


Many readers have commented that the structure will suffer from water damage. Yeates explains the waterproofing procedure on his blog:

“We created a strong internal wooden frame which was hugely over-engineered…The corrugated iron was used to seal everything in and the panels were all seam welded from top to bottom once in position and then finished with plenty of waterproof barriers. The base concreted with waterproofer and finished with further waterproofing and finally a levelling compound so there was a lovely clean finish inside.”


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