This Tiny House Design Inspired By The Lunar Module

Nestled on the banks of the Columbia River in central Washington, the roughly 250-square-foot home is hexagon-shaped, perched nearly 9 feet above the ground on three massive steel beams. Inside, earthlings are greeted by an open floor plan.

A breakfast nook has a porthole-shaped window overlooking the river and the hillside; a kitchen with stainless steel appliances provides space to cook up a feast for an astronaut. A large geodesic dome skylight showers the room with sunlight. Just off the bathroom, a deep-blue sink and cerulean-colored mirror have a Mid-Century Modern feel. T

he bedroom sits down a small ladder and can comfortably sleep two people. Upstairs, there’s enough room for a small outdoor deck where you can gaze at area wildlife, including eagles and lynxes. If the space reminds you of the tiny, well-intentioned living quarters of a boat, it’s no coincidence. The lunar lander’s owner and designer, Kurt Hughes, is a boat designer by trade.

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