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Stunning Photos of A Black Panther Playing in The Snowy Woods of Siberia Shared by Owner

Luna the panther was rescued from a travelling zoo when its mother refused to feed the cub. The black panther was born in captivity as the travelling zoo that had her mother was moving across Siberia.

A week after birth the cub’s mother rejected her, and the zoo had no resources to look after the weak newborn. The team got in touch with the cub’s current owner who is known to be an expert in rehabilitating wild cats. She agreed to take the cub, and spent weeks nursing the little panther to safety.

More: Instagram h/t: siberiantimes

Now the healthy-looking panther is a mega star in Russian and international social media, with millions of views across different platforms. Her current owner, a young married woman from Siberia prefers not to share her name and not to declare the exact location because of safety concerns.

Several weeks into Luna’s childhood she got a play pal, a female Rottweiler called Venza. Most of the amazing videos from remote Siberian woods show the duo running, jumping and rolling in the snow.

Luna is a mix of a Persian and an Amur leopard, which means that she is feeling fine in the snow.

‘Venza in fact thought that Luna was her cub. As soon as the dog saw the panther she started licking her fur, they bonded instantly’, the owner said. They have to play in remote areas outside the city, and soon a summer enclosure will be built for Luna outside the house.

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