This Adorable Series Documents A Toddler And Her Pup Growing Up


Photographer Jesse Holland has a habit of shooting her daughter and dog when she isn’t busy shooting weddings or other paid gigs. What started as a clever comparison of the two loves in her life (or “handfuls of trouble” as she calls them) has turned into a full-blown series that’s just too cute to resist!


The series started when Holland’s parents bought an adorable knitted owl hat for her daughter Ella. Not only was it cute on Ella, but it looked equally adorable on the family’s puppy named Charlie. As you can see in the picture, puppy wasn’t too happy with the hat. He looks downright sad!


Holland quickly snapped a picture of both Ella and Charlie sporting their new fashion and the series took off from there! Everywhere she looked, Holland began finding new inspiration for the adorable series. She’s snapped pictures of the two trying on glasses, playing on a playground, and trick-or-treating. Holland’s series is a beautiful way to document and celebrate childhood.

Via So Bad So Good, The Daily Mail

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