From Vintage Treasures to Cultural Artifacts: The Enchanting World of Petrol Station Pumps at Fisogni Museum – Design You Trust

From Vintage Treasures to Cultural Artifacts: The Enchanting World of Petrol Station Pumps at Fisogni Museum

Bergomi Petrol Pump 1960

The Fisogni Museum, located near Milan, Italy, is dedicated to showcasing petrol station pumps and ephemera. Guido Fisogni, the museum’s founder, began collecting these pumps over thirty years ago.

The earliest fuel pump was invented by Sylvanus Bowser in 1885, while the first gasoline pump was patented by John J. Tokheim in 1901. Early pumps had calibrated glass cylinders or small globes to measure and dispense fuel.

What sets the Fisogni Museum apart is not only its extensive collection of petrol station pumps but also the aesthetic appeal and attention to detail in each exhibit. The pumps are meticulously restored, painted in vivid colors, and adorned with fonts carefully crafted by renowned graphic designers. This combination of functionality and artistic flair transforms these pumps into more than mere functional objects—they become captivating pieces of industrial art.

More: Fisogni Museum h/t: flashbak

Bergomi, 1921

Satam, 1940

Bergomi, 1921

Satam, 1931

Agip, Lighter Charger,1951

Tokheim, 1910

Gilbert and Barker, 1921

Bennet, USA, gas pump

Valvoline, 1950

Benaglia, 1975

Crae, 1955

Benaglia, 1970

Castellazzo, 1970

Bennett, 1985

Bergomi, 1935

Castrol, 1905

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