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Sigvard Berggren’s ‘Future’: A Unique Blend of Art and Engineering in the Form of a Fast-Moving Car


Sigvard Berggren, a Swedish carrot juice manufacturer who lived from 1923 to 2009, created his own version of the future in the form of a car. He dubbed it “Future” and it resembled a plane without wings.



To achieve a speed of over 140 mph, he placed a Ford V8 engine in a ’38 Dodge chassis and planned to include a 200-hp mill in the back. This made for quite a fast-moving Swede! The Future was constructed during his spare time and bears a remarkable resemblance to an airplane, with fish-eye headlights and large air inlets that resemble gills.


In collaboration with his assistant Lennart Josefson, Berggren built the vehicle’s cabin behind the driver’s seat, which has enough space to accommodate tables and chairs. Although it is uncertain whether this was an actual commercial venture or merely a passion project, Sigvard also founded a company that eventually became Brämhults Juice and Borås Zoo in 1962.


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