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Chinese Villagers Zip Line

This cable ropeway suspended between cliffs is the only access to Yushan village in Hubei Province, Chin, which has a population of just over 200 people. The ropeway was built in 1997; before that villagers faced a walk of several days to get to the next nearest village. The ropeway, which is powered by a diesel engine, is 1,000 metres long and 400 metres above the valley floor. (Quirky China News/Rex Features)

Yushan has a population of just over 200 people and before the ropeway was built in 1997, villagers faced a walk of several days to get to the nearest village. (Quirky China News/Rex Features)

The station across the valley from Yushan set in the spectacular country of Hubei Province. (Quirky China News/Rex Features)

This terrifying zip line stretching 400metres above the valley floor is the only connection to the outside world for Yushan village in China’s Hubei Province. (Quirky China News/Rex Features)

Maintenance man Zhang Xinjian at work checking the cable ropeway precariously suspended between two cliffs. (Quirky China News/Rex Features)

Lubricating the cables has to be done once a week so Zhang has to perch himself on the cart and apply oil as he slides along the rope. (Quirky China News/Rex Features)

Zhang Xinjian checks over the mechanism to ensure the rope way is safe and secure. (Quirky China News/Rex Features)

A primitive-looking diesel engine is all that powers the zip line. If it breaks down passengers would be left dangling above the valley floor. (Quirky China News/Rex Features)

Credits: The Daily Mail

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